Educational Goals


The Fellowship is a two-year program with progressive and graduated responsibility as fellows’ skill develops.  The mission of the fellowship is to prepare physicians to independently practice medical toxicology. To accomplish this mission, our program has training goals in three areas: clinical care, education, and research. 

All fellows are exposed to academic activities in terms of structured teaching responsibilities and a research requirement. Components of the training program include:

  • Formal didactics
  • In-patient rounds
  • Active clinical consultation service
  • High-fidelity simulation training
  • Educational opportunities with emergency medicine residents, medical students and pharmacy students
  • Critical care toxicology including accidental adult and childhood drug ingestions; recreational drug abuse; suicide attempts; adverse drug effects
  • Hazardous materials toxicology
  • Envenomations
  • Plant and mushroom poisoning
  • Hyperbaric medicine (Travis AFB)
  • Occupational, environmental and regulatory toxicology
  • Administrative and medical direction of poison control systems