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RMPDS’s contact center and research services include:

  • Medical information
  • Safety event reporting
  • Medical management for exposures
  • Product information support
  • SDS management
  • Hotline support
  • Drug & product safety surveillance/monitoring
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data analysis & reporting
  • Clinical trial management & support

We contract with pharmaceutical, consumer product, agro-chemical, biotechnology and medical device companies to assist with their FDA, EPA, FIFRA and TSCA requirements of safety event and product quality reporting. And we can do it for you.


We are experts in communication – capturing and sharing both data and information.


Call us to disseminate pertinent information while collecting relevant data. Call us to execute your Standard Operating Procedure scripts.  Call us to meet your regulatory obligations simply, efficiently and with customer service in mind. We can do it all.

A long history of great results.


RMPDS has been conducting research throughout its 60+ year history under the guidance of physicians and scientists. In that time, we have helped several drug companies to develop antidotes for poisonings in the US, including:

  • CroFab – North American crotaline snake envenomation
  • DigiFab – cardiac glycoside intoxications
  • Antizol – toxic alcohol (methanol & ethylene glycol) intoxications
  • Acetadote – acetaminophen intoxications
  • Radiogardase – thallium and radiocesium exposures
  • Cyanokit – cyanide exposures

We combine the intelligence of great minds with the practicality of great business acumen to get answers and results – within the specified timeframes and budgets.

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We’re happy when our clients are happy. And our clients are very, very happy.


Some of the positive feedback we have received over the years:

“RMPDS is an expert at trying to help me think about and identify practical solutions to fulfill my needs”

“I am amazed at how RMPDS can develop a variety of methods for obtaining data to address the question that we need answered”

“I am so amazed at the broad scope of RMPDS’s services and the skill of the staff to help me understand regulatory requirements”

“Your different call center models have helped us provide our patients [with] financially viable access to a live healthcare professional 24 hours a day”

“Please thank your team for their assistance during our recent FDA audit – I know that our requests were very short notice and everyone reacted quickly to these challenges”

“I want to thank you and your team for the excellent report…we appreciate your thoroughness, diligence and close collaboration during the preparation of this report and hope to consult with you on a future project”


Contact us to start your own positive feedback process; we are here to help you find the solutions for your needs.