Toxicologic Evaluation & Consulting

The Rocky Mountain Poison Center hotlines are answered by highly skilled specialists and are available to the public and health care professionals 24/7/365. 

If needed by the specialist, backup assistance by medical toxicology fellows, clinical toxicologists and board-certified medical toxicologist physicians is always available. Additionally, health care professionals always have the option to request a toxicological consultation at any time during their contact with us. We also invite health care providers to utilize our TELETOX™ telemedicine service in situations where visualization may enhance toxicological assessment by our consultants.

We are also a full consultative service and available to prepare toxicological assessments on products per manufacturer request. We understand the importance of product stewardship and are sensitive to our clients’ needs. We provide an unbiased opinion on a myriad of different elements regarding the safety of a product.
STAR Laboratory.