Product Information


We are your product information department. 

Our highly trained healthcare professionals are available around the clock to provide your constituents with guidance on product information.


Product-related information requests generally concern:

  • Ingredients of a product
  • Potential allergies to specific ingredients
  • Appropriate use of a product
  • Possible medical problems that may result from the use of a product

Our specialists review medical issues and give advice on active ingredients that could relate to a health concern, instructing customers to contact us if they do experience symptoms after using a product.

Questions Answered – Day or Night

Not only can we handle product related questions, we can also handle business and administrative inquiries as well. RMPDS can streamline your complex network of resources and ensure that callers get to where they need to go quickly and efficiently. At RMPDS, safety is our priority. Our specialists first ensure that your customers do not require medical assistance, and then, direct them to the appropriate resource.