Poison Information Services


The mission of the Rocky Mountain Poison Center is to provide the highest quality care and medical information to limit poison injury while also preventing adverse effects due to poison exposures. We fulfill our mission through advocacy, clinical care, community outreach, education, innovation, scholarship and service.

The Rocky Mountain Poison Center is a medical information center comprised of registered nurses, pharmacists, physicians, and para-professionals that specialize in poison exposure management, consulting and reporting. The Poison Center has provided 24-hour poison emergency service for over 60 years.  

Our clients include both public and private entities such as states, suppliers and manufacturers involved in the Consumer Products Industry, Industrial Chemical Industry, Agricultural Industry, Automotive Industry and both Human and Animal Pharmaceutical Industries.

We currently serve the states of Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, and Nevada. The Rocky Mountain Poison Center is one of the largest poison centers in the United States, managing hundreds of thousands of calls each year.

The Rocky Mountain Poison Center understands that our clients want to provide safe and effective products and that even with the safest products, accidents and adverse exposures can occur.  Our professional staff can provide medical recommendations in the event of an adverse exposure to a productas well as document the circumstances leading to the exposure, so that information can be used to improve product safety.